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3 easy rules to better health & weight!

Posted on 11 March, 2015 at 2:55

I am about to share with you my three absolute key rules for better health / weight loss / management - if you can change your habits to reflect these, you will:


  • weigh less,
  • feel better,
  • look better,
  • think better,
  • be healthier,

& not buy in to ridiculous health & weight loss programs that will only work for a short period if at all anyway.


And the list goes on and on. The best part? Okay it is not exactly free (just the cost of usual groceries) but it will actually cost you less, because you'll be eating less processed junk. Neato speedo, hey? Okay ready? Here you go...


          1. 50% of your entire daily intake of food should be fresh vegetables / fruits. No, fruit rolls, apple fritters & deep fried yams do not count. Get the gist?

          2. Drink your water - minimum 9 cups per day for females, 10 if you are a pregnant female, and 13 cups per day for males. Guess what? If you workout a lot, are living in warm weather, or are just a sweaty person in general, you'll need more. And no, coffee, juice, tea does not count. I'm talking pure water. (See how that works - you won't have time to drink the other stuff.)

          3. Manage your stress and sleep well. (Sorry, that's two I guess.) Find out what works best for you to manage stress, because stress =           cortisol = extra fat in the midsection that is not leaving any time soon. Google it. And sleep is a big part of it, so do your best to get your ideal amount.


Do you find this helpful? Please share and share alike:)


Take care lovelies!!

Categories: Sarcasm and good info