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Looking to lose weight or get healthier but not sure where to start? One on one training ensures you have a program tailored to your specific needs. Are you looking to lose weight, get fit, and eat healthier all in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule? Online training is a great solution to meet your goals efficiently and effectively! Its cost effective and excuse free! Read below for more information! Scroll down to contact & book.


The fitness industry is generally unregulated. This means that anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, fitness consultant, nutritionist, you name it. Laura is a highly trained fitness professional & therapeutic exercise and nutrition consultant with the diplomas and experience to show it. Click here for her bio. She cuts through all the "floof" in the industry and gets right to the point of what YOU really need to reach your goals, using highly effective strategies most people in the industry aren't even aware exist! You can trust that you will reach your goals and learn in the process so that you never go back to your old habits! Whats even better? If you have a health spending account that covers personal training, you can submit your receipt!

*If your health benefit plan includes a Health Spending Account, this service may be eligible for reimbursement*

Weight Loss, Nutrition & Fitness Coaching - In Person or Online

  • Fitness and Nutrition Assessment: In person: $210 Online: $168
  • Preliminary Program Design: In person & Online: $105
  • Initial Program Run Through: In person: $105 Online: $84
  • Subsequent One on One Sessions Including Program Adaptations: In Person: $84 Online: $73.50

Training Package 1: For those that are self motivators - including assessment, program design and 2 training sessions: In person: $504 Online: $441

Training Package 2: For those that need a little extra help - including assessment, program design and 5 training sessions: In person: $714 Online: $609

Please contact to further customize training package to your needs. 780-940-0002.

Ready to change your life and implement healthier habits? Fill in the form to the right to get started!



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For more information don't hesitate to text or call 780-940-0002 anytime!

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