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Laura Barr

Massage Therapist, Personal Fitness Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Consultant

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"When I was in my teens, my Dad had a silent heart attack. Five years later, after a change in diet and walking program, his doctor told him he had an athletic heart. Those words - 'athletic heart' stuck with me all my years, and I credit dear old Dad with my love and appreciation of all things health."

Laura holds her Personal Fitness Trainer diploma from NAIT with CSEP-CPT designation (gold standard in Canada for personal fitness trainers), as well as over 2200 hours of training in clinical massage therapy with a diploma (honors) from MH Vicars school and is registered with the Massage Therapy Association of Alberta (MTAA). She maintains yearly & biennial re-certification and licensing in both disciplines. 2009 through 2011 she studied holistic nutrition through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and continues ongoing education in this interesting discipline. She is currently furthering her Doula / pregnancy and post partum support training.

*Note: Laura's massage therapy services are fully recognized and reimbursable by all health plans that include massage coverage. Direct billing is also available. Fitness & nutrition services can often be claimed through a wellness spending account if you have this available to you. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

What Sets Laura Apart from the Rest?

With 13 years experience as a fitness & wellness advisor in a corporate setting within the insurance industry, and 17 plus years working with the general public, Laura has an extensive working knowledge of prevention, management and rehabilitation of illness and injury from a scientific and holistic background. Weight loss / management is her specialty, however with an array of experience she's worked with those interested in losing a few pounds to prevent disease to those training for the PARE test for the RCMP - Laura will tailor the health program to your specific needs. "I care for my clients from the heart, and will ensure they have the support they need to reach their goals."